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About the cloud platform

The cloud platform gives your organisation simplified access to cloud technologies for the Scottish public sector. It’s designed for:

  • the Scottish Government
  • Scottish Public Sector organisations

By joining the cloud platform you'll get access to:

  • a pay-as-you-go service
  • identity and access management
  • a service in line with Scottish Government and industry standards
  • existing contracts and discounts

The cloud platform team will guide you through onboarding. You'll manage and keep control of your solutions.

You can find more information about:

The benefits of using the cloud platform

By using the cloud platform, you’ll:

  • get discounts on cloud usage rates
  • not have to do your own procurement for Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • get to use a Scottish Government approved cloud solution
  • reuse cloud patterns which follow the Digital Scotland Service Standard
  • get pre-configured security features, saving time and money on set up
  • get to use the Scottish Government’s identity provider

Meet the needs of your users

You can meet the needs of your users better, because:

  • you’ll have fewer software constraints
  • the platform can scale to meet your workload needs

Keep your information and data secure

The platform meets the performance and security needs of government and public-facing services. It:

  • can support data classified up to OFFICIAL. The Cloud Platform cannot be used to store data classified SECRET or TOP SECRET
  • allows you to manage your team members’ permissions from an admin interface
  • facilitates access to Scottish Government’s Security Operations Centre to share log files

Get support during business hours

A full-time, multidisciplinary team at the Scottish Government build and manage the platform.

The team provides business hours support for live services (Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, Fridays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

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