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Join the cloud platform

Submit an enquiry form

To join the platform,  complete and submit the cloud platform enquiry form.

The cloud platform team will get in touch within 5 days to discuss what you need. If you need help to complete the form, email

Assessing your needs

The cloud platform team will then review your answers. This will help them decide if the cloud platform is the right solution for you. 

If it is, they’ll ask you:

  • some technical questions
  • to take part in a workshop to understand your needs

They’ll then write a statement of work for you. The statement of work will take around 7 days to write. You’ll then have to get it signed off.

Planning your move

The cloud platform team will work with you to plan and do the work needed to move you to the platform. As part of this, they’ll ask you to consider:

  • if you need to change your business processes
  • if you'll just move what you've got into cloud and change it later (sometimes called 'lift and shift')
  • how you plan to improve what you have in cloud

Setting up accounts and onboarding

The cloud platform team will then set you up with accounts. They’ll also oversee and support you to onboard to the platform.

You’ll then be able to transfer your work to the cloud platform.

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